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Perfect for one or two man operations. Work directly from the trailer, or wheel both of the carts to set to have everything you need close by. Ideal for interviews, reality television, short films, music videos, indie films and more. Add any light or grip to your order for 25% off. Some restrictions apply. Free delivery and pickup within 10 mile zone. 

6x10 single axle enclosed trailer 

2x Kino Flo 4x4 w/ MacTech bi color X-Fade tubes (same as Quasar Science)
2x LitePanel Astra bi-color 1×1
1X Mole Richardson 1kw Baby Fresnel
2x Mole Richardson Tweenie 650 Fresnels
1x Mole Richardson inbetweenie 300w fresnel

6×6 butterfly frame w/ silk, 1/4 grid, 1/2 grid, full grid, 1/2 soft frost, solid, and ultrabounce 
8x8 overhead frame w/ silk,1/4 grid, 1/2 grid, full grid, solid, and ultrabounce

8) c-stands with arms and heads
1) short c-stand with arms and head

Mini-Head cart
Rubbermaid/ or camera cart
Micro Duz-all grip cart (holds milk crates, apple boxs ,flags, c stands, low boy combos, sandbags and more)

10x 20lb shotbags
6x 35lb shotbags

3x Full Apple
2x Half Apples
2x Quarter Apples
2x Pancakes

2) cardellini clamp
2) duckbill clamps
2) scissor clip
1) #3 grip clips
12) #2 grip clips
3) safety cables
4) 4-1/2 Lollipop heads
2) spare gobo head
2) 5″ c clamp w/ Baby pin

1) Hank of sash cord (trick line)
1) 1" Black Gaff
1) 2" Black Gaff
1) 2" Photo Black Paper tape
1) Pack of clothespins
1) Roll of 12" blackwrap
1) Bucket of gel scraps, CTB, CTO, Diffusion Etc

Dana Dolly kit with 75mm and 100mm bowl(if 150mm is needed, please call ahead)
6ft and 8ft speed rail track

10x 50ft stingers

(4) 18×24 solids
(1) 18×24 single net
(1) 18×24 double net
(1) 18×24 silks
(2) 2×3 solids
(1) 2×3 silks
(1) 2×3 single nets
(1) 2×3 double nets
(2) 4×4 Floppy solids
(3) 4’x4′ gel frames (pre-skinned opal, 250, 216)
(1)foam core v flat
(1) 42” shiny board

3x 2 riser combo stands
4x 3 riser combo stands
2x 3 rise lowboys stands
2x Lowboy combo stands (dana dolly model)
1x Baby Rolling stand (monitor stand)
4x Baby light stands

1-ton Trailer Package